Sony’s “Fresh Start” getting a wide release soon? – Engadget

Yes this is good news I guess but the bigger new here is that it appears their own editors don’t read their own site (or perhaps the 100 other blogs that posted the news).  What’s the “news” you ask?  Well the fact that Sony has decided not to charge anyone for fresh start, yet in this very post the super smart Joshua Topolsky says “Sony’s recently introduced “Fresh Start” — the crapware-killing do-over it’s charging $50 for on VAIO TZ2000 setups — will be making its way to all of the company’s Windows devices very soon.” Even linking to the one post about the $50 fee.  Then he continues to complain about it, “It sounds like a lovefest, certainly, but wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to pay a premium for our systems to be free of mucky bloatware and storage-hogging garbage? You listening Sony?” . Yes, Josh Sony is listening, in fact, your very own site posted the news of them listening here. So in the future lets try and read our own site first. Engadget still hasn’t recovered from last years apple fiasco.

Update: LOL looks like they’ve deleted the post! hahahaha


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